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Crazy new interactive dog toy flying off shelves as dogs and their owners can’t get enough.

“Drives dogs crazy with fun!” Bones, kongs, tug toys and balls pale in comparison to this “flappy” new dog toy. Perfect for bored, curious, clingy or hyperactive dogs.

It seems that when it comes to new dog toy options, the pet industry has stalled out in recent decades. Many of today’s dog breeds, especially those in the ever-growing “doodle” category are hungry for something new, different and better.

But when dog owner peruse the aisles of the local pet shop, they see the same old chew toys that have been offered for decades.

That’s why one company decided to create not just a new toy, but an entirely new toy category. And their first new toy has already sold millions -- and they can’t keep them in stock.

People and their pets are going nuts over the new Flappy Fish Friend, an active toy for curious and energetic pets, and for pet owners who love to see their furry friends have fun.

It flaps, it flops, it wiggles -- just like a real fish out-of-water! Flappy Fish Friend's realistic “Flopping fish” design and movements are a hit with pets who are tired of just fetching a ball.

Dogs, and even cats, or other furry friends go wild for Flappy Fish Friend. And for added fun, you can hide treats inside the pouch for your pet to find.

Flappy Fish Friend provides hours of healthy activity and fun exercise for dogs and pets of all ages. And pet owners agree it does so much for their pets. The makers of Flappy Fish Friend say it was designed to:

Stimulate and Engage … Flappy Fish Friend doesn't only look like a real fish, it moves like one too. It flips and flops just like a real fish when touched, but stays still when playtime is over.

Attract and Intrigue … Flappy Fish Friend comes with a hidden pouch to hold treats and snacks that will draw in and engage your pet.

Relieve Anxiety … Flappy Fish Friend activates a pet's natural instincts and stimulates them to engage physically. Playing with Flappy Fish Friend releases energy, eliminates boredom, and relieves stress and anxiety.

Offer Endless Fun … Flappy Fish Friend is conveniently recharged with the included USB cable so owners can maximize play time and optimize their pet's health and happiness.

This amazing new toy has shown to quickly become every pet’s favorite interactive toy. People report never seeing their pet so happy and active. Flappy Fish Friend also features:

Realistic Fish Stimulation … Flappy Fish Friend looks, flops, and flips like a real fish out-of-water! It utilizes smart sensors to interact with pets, flapping into action as soon as your pets touch it. When playtime is over, it automatically stops moving and powers down.

Safe and Fun to use Everywhere … Flappy Fish Friend can go anywhere. It's portable and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The plush covering can easily be removed and washed in the machine or by hand.

Built-In Rechargeable Battery … Flappy Fish Friend includes a built-in rechargeable battery with USB cable for fast and simple recharging on the go. It will play for days on a full charge, while increasing your pet's activity and decreasing their stress and anxiety.

Durable and Pet-Safe Material … Flappy Fish Friend comes with high-quality, bite-proof padding that protects the motor. Even big dogs can paw, chew and chomp on without fear of damage.

Improves Quality of Life with Fun Exercise … Exercise and both physical and mental stimulation enhance a pet's health and wellness.

Flappy Fish Friend can elevate any pet's spirit. And it is a pet owner's dream, providing endless, handsoff entertainment for pets of all ages. Keeping pets active and engaged without needing to monitor them.

  • • Reduce gluttony and obesity
  • • Reverse daze, laziness, boredom and stress
  • • Promote happiness, relaxation and increased energy
  • • Relieve stress

See what real customers say about Flappy Fish Friend …

“We bought this toy for our cat, since cats are supposed to love fish. But we had to buy another because our dog kept playing with it! These toys are great - simple and fun.” - Doug Johnston

“Working from home, this toy has been a savior for me. Whenever my pup gets restless, I toss him his favorite fish and he goes wild. He's a digger, so I hope he doesn't bury it one day!” - Pieter De Vries

“My doggo has so much energy and plays with her Flappy Fish Friend all day. She wraps her body around it and gnaws away and the head. Maybe it's her natural instinct, but I know that once it starts flipping around, she'll pounce. It's made most of her other toys obsolete.” - Marcia Barnes

“The minute I turned this on, my dog jumped on it, bit and shook it around, took it out the door, and threw it across the lawn. After 25 minutes of aggressive play outside, the fish was covered in drool and dirt. I popped it in the wash and it looked good as new. This is the gift that keeps on giving.” - Greg Hebert.

Flappy Fish Friend Specs:

  • • Motion Sensor Activation for Hands-Off Fun
  • • Rechargeable Battery for Long-Lasting Play
  • • Helps Prevent Clawing and Scratching
  • • 3 Flapping Modes
  • • USB Rechargeable
  • • Touch Activated
  • • Hidden Treat Pouch

Please make sure you buy the Flappy Fish Friend directly from the website we've linked below. This is the only way to guarantee that you are getting the real high-tech product and not some cheap knock off. We have already seen stories of people getting a regular tennis ball for the same price.

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